Tuesday, August 11, 2020
The Virtual CIO
Many small and medium sized companies could benefit greatly from the experience and expertise of a Fortune 500 Chief Information Technology Officer. But for most companies, having such a position is cost prohibitive and finding such a person is difficult.

VeriSource can fill that need for your business with our Virtual CIO program. We will assign a senior VeriSource team member to your company. This person will learn about your business, attend your meetings, and study the current status of your IT program. Then we will provide your senior officers with solid business recommendations and advice.

Going forward, the Virtual CIO will represent your company when dealing with external technology providers as well as oversee the implementation of high-level IT programs.

Only Senior VeriSource partners take part in the Virtual CIO program so you can be assured that you are receiving information from some of the most experienced people in the industry.
Virtual CIO Services
 Analyze your individual business needs
 Design and present an IT business plan
 Represent your company in dealings with external technology vendors
 Attend meetings as your CIO
 Manage high-level IT decision making and implementation
 Maintenance & evolution of the IT systems
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