Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Is your business limited by outdated server hardware or inadequate storage selections? We believe that business decisions should be driven by people, not platforms. VeriSource can alleviate these issues and help you implement a comprehensive Virtualization plan by . carefully matching server hardware and storage solutions with the appropriate virtual environment for your growing business needs.

Our team of network engineers has successfully converted and deployed hundreds of virtual servers for customers of all sizes, and the net results are impressive. Virtualization makes better use of valuable resources (hardware, disk space, power, cooling, and personnel) by simplifying your environment while ensuring scalability, resiliency, and return on investment. Virtualization empowers you to quickly deploy new servers and workstations, create test environments, and minimize (or completely eliminate) downtime.

Once you’ve virtualized your environment, we can further simplify and stabilize your network by recommending a consolidation solution or assisting with the creation of a Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery Plan. We will help document and demonstrate overall data integrity, yielding greater flexibility when a critical or unexpected event takes place. Whether you need a faster recovery or global redundancy, VeriSource can implement a solution that will insure your data is there, no matter what circumstances may bring.