Tuesday, August 11, 2020
VeriSource Senior Management and Project Oversight
All members of the VeriSource Senior Management team have worked in the computer industry for at least 16 years. They have worked for companies of all sizes, from very small to the largest in the world. All members of the management team have been instrumental in creating technology to support “rapid growth business models” for companies from small start-up operations to very large scale enterprises. When viewed collectively, VeriSource managers have performed every IS role, including computer operation, programmer, database analyst, network engineer, systems architect and many levels of management. The management team has directed every phase of a project and developed standardized methods and procedures for IS development, testing and deployment.

Chris Maddox, Partner and Chief Executive Officer
Chris leads our overall corporate strategy and business operations and ensures that we provide consistent, timely returns on the investment in information technology made by our customers. He is an expert on aligning our customer’s strategic direction with information technology solutions. Prior to joining VeriSource, Chris worked for Papa John’s International where he was instrumental in providing technology that enabled the company to move from a small chain of pizza stores to one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing. He directed the design, development and implementation of Store Systems including P.O.S. sales and polling, order entry, inventory replenishment, payroll, scheduling and pricing support. He was also responsible for web-based order systems. Chris also gained extensive experience while working for J.B. Hunt, a Fortune 500 trucking company. He was responsible for placing J.B. Hunt on the Internet at a time when the Internet was revolutionary technology and he designed and implemented a comprehensive internal e-mail system.