Tuesday, August 11, 2020
About VeriSource
VeriSource is a multi-vendor technology company. We employ technologists with skills in Microsoft, Linux, mainframe, and super computer solution sets. We are a Microsoft GOLD Level Partner[1], a Cisco Certified Partner, and a Dell Certified Partner. VeriSource also has premier partnership relationships with VMWare, Dell Equalogic, and several other hardware and software solutions.

Our strategy is to use our extensive “cross-platform” skills to provide business solutions that meet client needs and do not leave them bound to a single technology or methodology. We do not just make things we want to sell. Rather, we provide solutions that clients want to buy and meet their demanding business requirements.

VeriSource can be thought of as a “one stop shop” for IT capabilities and services. We serve a broad range of clients in several disciplines from retail, academic, manufacturing, military, and research. VeriSource offers a full suite of services for our clients, including:

• application design and development;
• application and network integration services;
• application and network architecture;
• network technology and application deployment;
• project management;
• hardware and software sourcing; and,
• website design and development.

VeriSource’s Microsoft based application solutions represent a comprehensive service offering for our clients providing a direct, collaborative relationship with Microsoft. We are skilled at providing many types of applications, embedded, packaged applications, web services, n-tier client server, or “pure” web, to meet the needs of our clients. We choose Microsoft products because they most always provide a commercial foundation that is robust and does not require constant “re-inventing the wheel” to provide value.

VeriSource Professionals
The VeriSource Staff includes technologists and project professionals with very diverse backgrounds who have joined VeriSource from several large corporations and consulting organizations. We believe this diversity offers a tremendous advantage to our clients. VeriSource is able to use its broad skills background to bring new and innovative solutions to our customers. Often these “value added” solutions are overlooked by entities with less employee breadth. VeriSource people have extensive direct experience many well known companies including Wal-Mart, J.B. Hunt Transport, Papa John’s,IBM, Bank of America, Best Buy, Symbol Technology, Boeing, Rockwell International, Beverly Enterprises, and, Ford Motor Company to name just a few. Most of the VeriSource team hold one or more advanced technology certifications.